Thursday, March 8, 2012

Self-Involvement Concept

Why Buy Kubiq?

  • Kubiq operates on low overheads which come from low rental, no designer salaries, no sales commissions and no project management costs. All these translate to huge savings which are passed down to you through our amazingly low prices.
  • Through our bulk purchases and mass production you benefit from economies of scale compare to custom-made orders - resulting in an extremely cost effective solution
  • You only pay for the price of the product, with the option of having other value-added services at a nominal cost. 
  • Our modular storage systems have been designed from our years of experience to suit a wide variety of needs, and complement each other perfectly. This allows you to tailor your choice and pay only for the components you want
  • A transparent and detail component price list enables you to manage your own budget without fear of hidden costs and fees.
  • With the Kubiq Ezikit - our very own interactive design and quotation tool - you can complete the design and obtain a quotation within a few minutes without having to come back on another day.
  • Most of your choices are in stock, you can usually take home your purchase within the same day once payment is made. You even control and manage your own delivery and installation schedule.
  • Kubiq products come from the same sources as Malaysia’s leading kitchen manufacturer with nearly two decades of industries experience and backed by a public listed parent company
  • We stand by our products. In fact, we trust our quality so much that you enjoy a 25-year limited warranty on hardware and fittings, and 5 years on cabinets.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Kubiq Story

The Kubiq brand started in 2009 as a kitchen and wardrobe retailer. Kubiq is a wholly owned subsidiary of Signature International Berhad, a company listed on KLSE since 2008. The objective is simple – to offer great value and quality kitchen cabinets and wardrobe and pass great savings to the mass public just by simple steps.

Kubiq enable their customers to enjoy great savings and value through Kubiq’s unique buying process. Through the “6 Simple Steps to Kubiq”, customers get to have their own say in planning, designing, coordinating, personalizing and assembling process. Through this practice, customers are able to manifest their dream kitchen according to their own budget. This unique purchase system has also eliminated the cost usually choked up by unnecessary middle-man charges.

Aside from that, Kubiq also offers practical solutions for customers to enjoy value for money kitchen and wardrobe. Through Kubiq’s unique production technique, all materials are kept at a low cost without compromising on quality. Kubiq produces the most popular range of colour choices in bulk which eventually translates to lower cost that benefits homeowners.

Kubiq also practices the Pay-What-You-Want concept where customers can customize their preference according to their own budget. The “6 Simple Steps to Kubiq” allows customers to only choose what they want for their own homes. There are no hidden cost and the price list is 100% transparent.

Today, Kubiq has expanded to 12 retail outlets nationwide and still counting. Economical, functional and east, Kubiq is the answer to the modern home. Discover great tips and savings with Kubiq today!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kitchens Made Your Way

How you dream your kitchen into reality

A kitchen they say, is the heart of the home. Just like the old time quote, a family that eats together, stays together. Thus, a kitchen has long become the sacred place of family gatherings and meal times. 

However, kitchens are also notoriously known as the toughest nut to crack when it comes to building homes. There are so many aspects to look after - involving different expertise and that's when the bill usually amounts to a huge sum.

But we understand kitchens well. Building a kitchen has never been easier while keeping your finances in tab. That's why Kubiq kitchens are made your way. We provide all home owners the opportunity to be involved with building their kitchens in the most cost efficient way and the opportunity to eliminate all third parties cost. 

Which means, you are 100% involved with the planning and design to personalizing and to installation of your kitchen. Kubiq makes each step as straight forward, simple and guided as possible.

Step into our showroom to learn more about these steps by talking to our professional kitchen consultants or visit our official site to learn more about us. 

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